How To: Use Sprint/Samsung A920 as an EVDO Bluetooth Modem with Mac

I was recently contacted by Sprint with an offer to join their Sprint Ambassador Program. As a part of this program, Sprint has sent me a Samsung A920 phone complete with voice and data service including access to their Music Store and Sprint Power Vision Network. Since I’ve had the phone/service for less than a week stay tuned for more info on those services as I get better acquainted. The point of this post is a HOW TO on using the Samsung A920 as a bluetooth EVDO modem for a Powerbook.

According to Sprint: “The phone as modem feature is not compatible with Mac OS at this time.” This is not true. Here’s how it’s done (and it’s really simple):

1. The first step you need to take is to pair your A920 with your powerbook.
2. Go to System Preferences > Bluetooth.
3. Click on the Setup a New Device button.
4. Within the Bluetooth Setup Assistant, click Continue.
5. Select Mobile Phone > Click Continue.


6. A screen will appear which lists your A920. Select it and click Continue.


7. Click continue again until you see a passkey on the screen.


8. The phone and computer now need to “pair.” On the A920, ensure that bluetooth is enabled and that the phone is visible.
9. Once bluetooth is enabled and the phone is visible, you need to make the phone discoverable. To do this, on the phone, go to Tools > Bluetooth > Add New > Search.
10. The phone will find your Powerbook and you will be prompted, on the phone, to enter the passkey shown on the computer. Once you do so, you’ll see that you have paired the computer and the phone successfully.
11. Back on the computer Continue with the Bluetooth setup Assistant. Choose Access the Internet with your phone’s data connection, and hit Continue.


12. Here’s the key part - the Bluetooth Mobile Phone Setup Screen. Leave the Username and Password fields blank, but enter #777 as the Phone Number. Choose Sprint PCS Vision as the Modem Script and click Continue.
13. You should see a Congratulations screen. Click Quit.
14. Get Connected. To do this, with your phone paired, open Internet Connect on your Mac.
15. Click on the Bluetooth icon and click Connect.


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  1. Harley Says:

    Thanks for putting this information up. I’ve been pretty pleased with the services and features of this phone but originally got it so I could pair it with my Mac… :-(
    Other than sending vCards to the phone a pairing option (to sync info, dial from computer (A. Book), etc.) does not seem possible. Do you have any thoughts on this matter? Sort of frustrating but otherwise the best phone I’ve ever had.
    Also any knowledge on the costs from Sprint for using the phone as a data modem?

    - Harley

  2. Brian Says:

    Thanks for the tip! To get this working, when accessing my phone with Tools > Bluetooth > Add New, I had to select “Wait for request”. Clicking on “Search” and entering the pairing code when my powerbook was found caused a failed pairing.

  3. Keshav Says:

    just got my phone. I got off the tech support from Sprint as I was googling this info. Sprint categorically said that this phone does not have the feature and I wil not be able to connect to Mac/PC!
    I can’t wait to test the above. Will post my result in a few days…

  4. Jeff Hayford Says:

    I’m thinking about getting this phone but I want to know if you can sync the address book of the Mac with that of the phone? Is there a similar option for something like iCal? Also I understand this phone has a media card that you can download music to, can you also put music on the media card via bluetooth, USB, or otherwise?

  5. Tony Guntharp Says:

    Thanks for this information. I can confirm as well that this works with the new MacBook Pro (tested on all 3 models).

    I was also able to get Address Book–>Samsung A920 sync somewhat working although it’s a one-way sync and it’s a hack.

    I’ve posted instructions here on how this works:

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  7. Andru Says:

    Question - is it possible to do this using the USB cable connection? :)

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  9. Jeff Foster Says:

    Andru, I’m fairly convinced that you can do this through USB (though USB will NOT, AFAIK, charge the phone, so dont get your hopes up.)

    I was doing essentially the same thing with my Samsung A500 with USB years ago. It’s just a matter of skipping all the bluetooth pairing stuff and setting it up through (i think) your network system preferences… or maybe your internet connect wizard. (use spotlight, or it’s in the airport menu for easy access)

    good luck!

    also worth noting: last i heard this works WITHOUT paying sprint for anything more than just powervision, as far as i can tell, but they’ll terminate your account if they see it. be careful. :)

  10. Candice Says:

    I am having trouble getting this to work. I ,believe i have followed the instructions correctly as i have gone through it 20+ times in the last 2 hrs but still can figure it out. If someone is willing ot help me email me at

  11. Nick Says:

    Anyone know if you can send/receive calls while having an EVDO bluetooth session active?

  12. Timir Premjee Says:

    Do these instructions work with a Samsung A900 and a Macbook?

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  14. Marc Says:

    Works great - you WILL have to call Sprint and set yourself up with the $39.99 “PAM” or Phone as Modem Plan…Good news is that you can’t have both Sprint Power Vision and THE PAM plan, so you still get Power Vision on your phone, but they delete the charge for Power Vision ($15 in my case) and add the $40 charge - net increase in my bill is $25 a month. I’m currently getting 230400 bps or 230 kb downloads…not bad, but the same as my old A660 Samsung WITHOUT the EVDO Technology (and I was able to use THAT phone as a modem at NO CHARGE!!)- thought EVDO was supposed to be so much faster??? Maybe it depends on where you’re located? In my tests, using USB versus Bluetooth makes no difference - same speed either way - it took exactly 22 second for a full download of Apple’s website using Bluetooth OR USB.

  15. Patrick Says:

    I can vouch that it works with a Samsung A900 via Sprint’s EVDO network running on a new Macbook Intel Core 2 Duo. Thanks a lot for the info. I would be S.O.L. without it.

  16. Adam Says:

    I have been using this for months now, Thanks for the tip, it saved me a lot of time. Now if we could just get the phone working with sailing clicker

  17. imickey503 Says:

    Here is the ditty on some of these question.

    1. BLUETOOTH LIMITS YOUR SPEED AND MAX DATA SPEED! The cable is a faster on the PC, Max data rate reches 650K verfied by speakeasy speed tester. There is also quite a bit of lag when going thru the blutoooth route. Also the max using blutooth version 2 is 340KB I can not go faster then that.

    Anyone know if you can send/receive calls while having an EVDO bluetooth session active?

    YES YOU CAN! but you have to go in to the special service menu to do it and it will only work when you are using the cable. this has been verified when using my Laptop and XP


    The EVDO only works when it wants to otherwise you are using the old visson datarate is only usally 68-90k but more like a isdn cannection. The real problem is lag it can be almost up to 100ms or more AT EVDO sppeds have reached over 550k but beacse of the lag i still can not really stream musc or videos unless they are using large packets but even then you will have problems. Otherwise it’s fast don’t expect to do things in real time..


    well the 15 doller one of course! with the added 5 bucks for text messaging. the real problem that you run into all the other programs that you really do not need to use your phone. The 15 data plan covers yyou quite well. and the best part about it is that you will be able to use all yo u want. and if you like to have only one compuyer on at home , it might be cheaper just going this route then having a dedicted high speed line!

    in my test i can attain a full 22 fps using the yahoo video direct conection feature in bremerton/ silverdale washington, course i live right next to the tower art the time.

    Also, for all you get with sprint, this really is your best deal on a phone unless you are anchored in one service area. Then crickets data plan might be best. HOWEVER Cricket users are experincing VERY limited use in there area.

    As far as who’s network is faster, It has to be Verizons. there network speeds are really amazingly blazing fast! Course this again is in Silverdale Washington.

    If you are a real dedicated user, i would stick with the broadband card. It really feels like a dsl connection on both Sprint and Verizon Networks.

    Here is a not of caution, EVDO does not work on the freeway well or at all on I-5. this has to be becase these towers do not yet suport it. somthing you need to know if you are streaming the itunes radio or other streaming services on your laptop while on the I-5 coridor between olimpia at exit 99 and down to about exit 15 by battle ground

    If you are a die hard user and must use a cellphone for the conection I recomend any of the sanyo phones for this aplication. They have in my experince been superior for gettting a signal and keeping one and the electronics in these phones are really top ntch and free from defects that make it a bad phone. There direction is based on a phone first aproch. features second. It took a long time to get a phone with bluetooth included, but when it did it works without effecting signal.

    enjoy the day

  18. imickey503 Says:

    Also there are alot of dead spots with sprint on the amtrack, and save the tunnel jokes.

    If you are on in the seatle area, the ferry service works quite well with the evdo speed. I know, i set up as a base station and watch others slam there fist when i turn my computer off. It’s Great!

    Also look into the discounts that they give. you might be able to get up to 25% off your bill

  19. Kaustubh Rao Says:

    Great Post , it got my A900 to work as my modem yippe !!!!

  20. Ben Says:

    Ive gone to thousands of website to figure out how to use my a900 as a modem on my macbook i’ve gone through every teqnique so please e-mail me at if you can help me

    Thank You

  21. Josh Hallett Says:

    I’ve tried these with the UpStage phone and can’t get it to work.

  22. dustin Says:

    i have been able to set my phone up as a modem in the maner that you just explaained but how do you send stuf from my mac to the phone. when i try to send with the sendfile option on my computer it says ” The target device claims it will not accept a file of the type you are trying to send” and btw i’v tried sending mp3 fotmat mp4, aif, au andother formats including trying to send pictures.

  23. Nida Says:

    Hi! Everything seems to work but when I tried to connect it said
    “Failed to open RDCOMM serial channel. Check if authentication needs to be enabled in your device”
    If anyone know how to get this to work please please help me. My email is
    p.s. I do have the authentication code from sprint but i don’t know how to do it. Thanks

  24. Adrian Says:

    I have an SPH a920 but it is with Qwest wireless, will this still work? Or do you know how to get it to work? Also is connecting to the internet the only device for this phone? My friends phone automatically backs up his contacts when he gets within a few feet of his computer.

  25. Annie Says:

    I do not have a problem connecting my Upstage phone as a modem, the problem I have is being able to send email replies from my Outlook Express account. It says the server is the problem. Can you help me? My main email account is

    Thank you for your help.

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